About us



We look deep into the purpose of your business before crystallising it with words and bringing it to life through reputation and culture. We align your messages inside and out.  One consistent voice. Maximum impact with minimum waste.

Drawn from the worlds of strategy and communications, we are accomplished practitioners who can pinpoint what you’re all about and make it live and breathe with clarity, creativity and precision.

Our approach


Organisations that understand their purpose, and pursue it clearly and single-mindedly, are more successful than those that don’t. Haiku Consulting is a strategic consultancy which works with businesses and their leaders to define their central purpose.  We use a range of research and interrogative techniques to get to the heart of what the organisation is all about: its essence; its central pivot; its singular promise.



We create the language and communication programmes designed to help organisations articulate and pursue their purpose with clarity, dedication and precision.  We tell the story and prepare the participants to engage fully in it.  We coordinate and extract maximum value from this creative expression by aligning external reputation activities such as Marketing and PR with internal change programmes and culture management.