Oxford & London based   Strategic Consultancy offering   Research, Planning, Strategy, Brand, Advertising, PR and Culture Change.

Our services

We offer services which clarify or assist in the expression of an organisation’s purpose. 

If aimed externally, they build reputation.  Internally, they build or change culture. Insights are built on research at the start of the process – and from feedback as the programmes unfold.

Any of these services can sit alone or, when appropriate, can be offered together to create full alignment of purpose and expression – inside and outside the organisation.



- Distilling, defining and articulating core purpose
- Research
- Planning
- Focus groups
- Workshops
- Consumer, employee and competitor analysis
- Brand mapping
- Motivation analysis and competitive differentiation
- Personality and vocabulary development



- Reputation strategy and programme development
- Public relations
- Websites
- Social Media
- Marketing communications
- Design
- External events



- Culture change strategy and programme development
- Leadership counselling
- Employee engagement programmes
- Internal events

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